Clutch girl struggles

Clutch. I don’t really know how this word turned into a slang.

If you’re wondering what clutch means, it’s slang  for ‘procrastinating’. Now that I think about it, if someone asked me how it came to be, here’s what I would say:

Carrying a clutch bag somehow indicated that a person is carefree, much like procrastinators. Or maybe it originated from the clutch found in cars. Stepping on the clutch disconnects the engine from the wheels, much like procrastinators – disconnected from reality.

NOW, why all the talk about clutch? You see, I have a thesis proposal to submit by the end of this week. AND I haven’t started writing it yet. This should make me panic already. BUT, the problem is, I’m not panicking!

I don’t know where to start. My mind is telling me to start getting serious about it but I don’t feel that sense of urgency. THIS IS THE STRUGGLE. When you tell yourself you have to start but it is the subconscious telling you not to (isn’t the subconscious supposed to tell you to do stuff?).

So, amidst all my procrastinating, I ended up opening my wordpress account and voila, I found this daily prompt thingy. By some cool perks of nature, the prompt for today is ‘create’. Huh.

SOOO, this was my sign to start working. To create means to start from scratch. Maybe that’s what I have to keep in mind. It’s okay that I don’t know where to start. Maybe I just have to see what pieces I’ve got and try to fit them all together. We’ll see. By then, I’m off to create!

(BTW, this is my first response to a daily prompt woohoo!)

(Also, this blog looks a lot like a diary, don’t you think?)


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